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Primary school

Our Team

Executive Headteacher

Mr T Mills-Bishop

Head of School

Mrs M Caplan

Mrs K Randall

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs C Badesha (KS2 Lead)

School Business Manager

Miss P Flint

Early Years Team
(Nursery & Reception)

Teachers - Mrs L Robertson & Mrs A Poulton (Interim EYFS Lead) 
Teaching Assistants - Miss T Goddard, Mrs S Banna, Mrs G Young and Mrs M Chase

Year 1 Team

Teacher - Mrs D Howard

Teaching Assistants - Mrs J Lorincz

Year 2 Team

Teacher - Mrs A Galinska (KS1 Lead)

Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Mrs L Jimo

Year 3 Team

Teacher - Mrs E Clarke

Teaching Assistant - Mrs L Hughes

 Year 4 Team

Teacher - Mrs H Snelson

Teaching Assistant - Miss L Nelson

 Year 5 Team

Teacher - Mrs C Laurence

Year 6 Team

Teacher - Mr D Jones

Teaching Assistant - Miss L Hughes

Inclusion Team

SENCo - Mrs E Riley

Family Worker - Miss B Jennison

Lead Inclusion TA - Mrs K Ryder

Pastoral Support & Behaviour TA - Miss S Maguire

SEN & Learning TA - Miss L Nelson

Office Team

Miss P Flint - School Business Manager

Miss A Daly - Admissions/Attendance/Medical Officer

Mrs G Blott - Heads' PA/Parental Engagement/HR Officer


Lead MSA - Mrs K Ryder
Mrs G Young

Mrs G Tuck
Mrs A Graves
Mrs D Jashanica
Mrs M Chase
Miss K Barrett


Site Manager - Mrs A Seals
Site Team Assistant - Mr J Usher