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Primary school


Longmeadow’s Curriculum Intent is:

‘To create lifelong learners who are passionate about the things they do and successful in the things they try’.

 This links to the schools three core values of:

·         Learning

·         Passion

·         Success

The school is committed to providing all pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum. Longmeadow is working hard to re-invent the quality of education at the school and has been busy designing its new curriculum since September 2017. In January 2020, the school began daily teaching of Character Education, rooted in Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural teaching (SMSC) and linked to Commandoes Joe's virtues of RESPECT (resilience, empathy, self-awareness, passion, excellence, communication, teamwork). Learning experiences are personalised to pupil’s interests where possible and foundation subjects are delivered through a topic based approached to promote engagement in learning that is so critical for pupils at Longmeadow.  

At Longmeadow we believe that the curriculum is not just enacted in the classroom and is a much broader experience; including trips, visits, extra-curricular opportunities and work in our local community. We are very proud to offer pupils ‘The Longmeadow Way’ and the extensive range of opportunities provided for all students, which is continually developing.  

At Longmeadow our shared values underpin all decisions when planning both the curriculum and timetable to ensure equality of education provision for all.

Longmeadow Curriculum Plan

Curriculum Overview 2019

Longmeadow Curriculum Map


Phonics at Longmeadow

Phonics at longmeadow


Cultural Capital Provision Map

cultural capital map

Medium Term Plans

Subject Specific Curriculum Learning Maps


                                Art & Design

                              Design & Technology






If you would like to know any more information about the Curriculum please don't hesitate to contact us.

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