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Primary school


Aims of our School

At Longmeadow Primary School we always remember that we share our children with their parents and families and we regard this as a special pleasure and privilege.  Through this partnership and through the children learning together, we trust they will make good progress and lead happy and successful lives. 

We believe that education is a continuous process and our role as educators is to prepare the children for their future.  Our children come first and deserve the very best quality of education we can offer. 

We work together to provide an environment which is rich in opportunity and learning experiences.   We want children to see themselves as valued and valuable members of society, prepared to face the future with enthusiasm, determination and positive attitudes and to look back on their time in our school with a sense of achievement and pride.

We aim to...

  • Provide a welcoming, exciting and secure environment where everyone will enjoy learning to the best of his or her ability.
  • Stimulate a sense of adventure in learning.
  • Encourage everyone to think for themselves, gain confidence and develop self-discipline.
  • Encourage an awareness of the changing world in which we live and the necessary skills to live in a constantly changing society.
  • Promote effective partnerships between parents, staff and governors, to develop relationships and to encourage links with the wider community.