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Renewal of Free School Meals applications.

Renewal of Free School Meals applications (for September 2017)

Important information regarding benefit related Free School Meals.

If a child does not re-apply at the end of Year 2 then they will NOT automatically be eligible for Free School Meals in Year 3. Infants do not automatically transfer from the Universal Infant Free School Meal (UIFSM) register to the Free School Meal (FSM) register so parents will need to re-apply.

This can be done from 1st of June onwards, via the HCC registration page found at

Free School Meals eligibility rolls over from Reception to the end of Year 2. A new application is needed by the start of Year 3 and this will then roll over until the child leaves school, again assuming that eligibility does not end before this time.

As with last year, this summer we will automatically renew free school meals for children who currently receive a meal at Longmeadow.

This means in most cases, children that attend your school from September 17 will continue to get a meal and parents need not contact us or re-apply.

Helpful Information -

• Parents/carers do not need to reapply for a school meal for September 17

• Any child receiving a free meal as well as 100% music remission will be renewed for both

• Letters will only be sent to families whose children are no longer entitled to receive a meal

• During August, schools will receive confirmation of who is entitled to receive a free meal and 100% music remission

• Anyone currently receiving 50% music remission will still need to reapply at: from the 7th June 2017

• We will work with our Admissions Team to identify children who will be starting a new school from September 17. No contact or renewal is required. Our customer service team will be dealing with any duplicated applications. No contact is required

If you need to apply for Free school Meals we would recommend applying online via