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Primary school

Our pupils would love to share with you what they have been learning - watch this space for updates!

May 2019

  • Y2 Yellow: WOW - SATs Super Stars!

    Published 24/05/19, by Admin

    We have had such an amazing week in Yellow Class! We worked so hard on the SATs and celebrated with a fantastic WOW day!

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  • Y2 Red: The Life Cycle of a Plant

    Published 17/05/19, by Admin

    This week the children have been creating explanation texts about the life cycle of a plant.

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  • Y2 Yellow: Secret Agent Training

    Published 16/05/19, by Admin

    Secret Agent Training has been in full swing in Yellow class to prepare for next week's SATs testing.

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  • Year 2 Communication Flyer - Wk 19

    Published 10/05/19, by Samantha Field

    Check out our week, and what's coming up...

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  • Y2 Yellow: fun Facts!

    Published 10/05/19, by Admin

    This week we have been making brochures about plants.

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  • Y2 Red: The Onceler gets mail

    Published 03/05/19, by Admin

    This week in Red Class we wrote a letter to The Onceler.

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