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Primary school

Year 2 WOW day 

On Wednesday we had a WOW day based on Healthy Humans.

In the morning we did some Yoga with Miss Hockey and after that we got to go to the year 3 and 4 playground and use the exercise equipment.

We also got to learn more about our Teeth. We found out that teeth are bones and when you are younger you have baby teeth which fall out and then you grow adult teeth. We learnt that you have to brush them for 2 minutes. 

In the afternoon we invited our parents in to join in with the activities. We got to make fruit sticks with lots of different fruits. We had to chop the fruit into smaller sizes to put onto our stick. We could also make dream catchers to help us sleep well and planned a healthy pack lunch box. 


Anthony - When we was making our dream catchers we had to cut out our own feathers because we need to use them to make it. 

Benett - I enjoyed making the fruit sticks as you got to cut the fruit into smaller pieces and add it to the stick. My favourite piece of fruit was the apple. 

 Maja - I liked the dream catchers because it will help me sleep at night.