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Primary school

Yellow class's crazy inventions

Yellow Class Crazy Invention 

We have been designing our crazy inventions in English.  First we had to come up with a design for an invention and then we used actions to help us remember how the invention worked. We acted it aloud and taught a partner in the class how our invention worked. 

We have been describing the crazy invention  and writing sentences to help other people know how to use it and what it does. 

Here our some of our crazy inventions:

Robbie - My invention is a blue machine that spits out healthy fruit on a tray that is cut up. 

Victoria - I made a robot hat that has on half that contains fruit that can be made into a smoothie on the other half. 

Indi- Rose - My machine is a washing machine that spits out fruit every 2 minutes. 

Jorden - My is a water hat that you can wear anywhere you want to so that you always have water.