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Primary school

Eating machine

Eating Machine in Year 2

In English we have been looking at the Eating Machine. The eating machine is about digestive system.  The piece of writing is an explanation text because it is telling us how it works. 

We looked at the explanation text and explored how the eating machine worked by acting it out. This helped us to remember the order of what things happen in. 

These are the phrase we used to help us remember the order.

Benett - When your front teeth take a bite of the apple and we chew it into littles pieces. 

Casey - It then goes down your throat with your saliva. 

Anna - It goes into your stomach and gets mixed up with all the juices. 

Indi-Rose - Then it goes into your small intestines and the good food gets smaller and goes into your blood. 

Mia - Then all the waste goes through large intestines and then goes into the toilet.