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Primary school

Year 2 Independent learning

Year 2 would like to share the different areas in Independent learning time. 

In our independent time we have got loads of different areas that we can explore and complete challenges in. 

The areas we have got are;

Reading shed 

Construction area

Smoothie area for writing 

Exercise area 

Maths area 

Bug hotel 

Water area 

Mud area. 

We all enjoy completing the different challenges in these areas. Here are some of the activities we have done. 

Victoria - We have been creating a read shed that we can share stories in and answer questions based on the books we have read.

Ryan - In the mud area we have learning about if food is healthy or unhealthy  whilst we dig it up.

Indi- Rose - In the exercise area we have challenges we can do such as trying to step in all the tyres quickly to see how fast we could do it. 

Casey -I have been finding a range of insects to put into the bug hotel which is Bugingham palace.