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Primary school

A visitor from the north pole

On Monday, Yellow Class opened the mysterious package that Miss Clements discovered last week. Inside, covered in Christmas Sparkle, was a little elf from the North Pole. 

The children decided to call her Snowy. She had been sent by Father Christmas to check that we are all working really hard at school and behaving. Well, the children are behaving but she is not! So far this week, she has tipped the multilink on the floor, she got stuck in the Christmas tree and she covered our Christmas tree in toilet roll! She is a mischievous little elf. 

We wanted to find out more about Snowy so we wrote some questions. Here are some of the questions we wrote ... ‘Why do you work for Santa?’  ‘How did you travel to our school?’ ‘What is it like in the North Pole?’ We think Bradley asked a really good question - ‘What is the naughtiest thing you have done?’ We are sure that she will be up to more mischief next week!