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Primary school

Exercising in Red Class

Red Class believe that exercise not only makes your body stronger, but also makes us happy, sleep better and live longer lives. We need to keep active and exercise every day.

This week in Red Class, as part of our Healthy Humans Topic, we have been looking at exercise and why it is important. We discovered that physical activity is important for a wide variety of reasons; it helps to increase strength in our muscles and bones and can even improve our concentration at school. After discussing what we thought exercise was and looks like we realised that we exercise all the time without even thinking of it. When we run around outside, play games during CIL and lunchtime, even when we are writing in English and using manipulatives to help us count in Maths we are exercising parts of our bodies. Throughout the week we made a list of activities that count as exercise and tried them out. Our list included playing sports, dancing, doing push-ups, even reaching down to touch your toes is an exercise.