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  • World war one

    Published 07/11/18, by Sally Clements

    We’ve had an exciting day today dressed as people relating to World War One. 

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  • Herts at war trip

    Published 05/11/18, by Ross Gray

    Red class kicked off WW1 week by visiting the trenches and handling WW1 objects including guns, grenades and medals. It was a nice way to start back and all the children enjoyed the experience. Thank you to all the adult helpers who came along to support the children on their first school trip in year two.

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  • Super Shapes

    Published 26/10/18, by Sally Clements

    This week in Maths we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes.

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  • What's new in year 2?

    Published 19/10/18, by Ross Gray

    Keep up to date with what's happening in year 2 by following our blog.

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  • What a Wow day!

    Published 19/10/18, by Sally Clements

    Yesterday was our Wow Day all about our Healthy Human topic.

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  • WOW day

    Published 18/10/18, by Ross Gray

    Year 2's first WOW day.

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  • What's new in Year 2?

    Published 12/10/18, by Ross Gray

    Keep up to date with year 2 by following our blog.

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  • Fruitalicious

    Published 11/10/18, by Ross Gray
    This week in Red Class we were fortunate enough to have the team in from Herts County Catering, who brought in a host of familiar and exotic fruits for the children to try. The ladies at Herts County Catering were impressed with how much the chi
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  • Fabulous Fruit

    Published 11/10/18, by Sally Clements

    On Wednesday we had some visitors from HCL catering. 

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  • Excellent exercise

    Published 05/10/18, by Sally Clements

    As part of our Healthy Humans topic we have been learning about the importance of exercise. 

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  • Exercising in Red Class

    Published 04/10/18, by Ross Gray

    Red Class believe that exercise not only makes your body stronger, but also makes us happy, sleep better and live longer lives. We need to keep active and exercise every day.

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  • Have you had a healthy breakfast?

    Published 29/09/18, by Sally Clements

    Mr Baker popped into class again today to talk to us about our breakfasts.

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