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Primary school

WOW day in Yellow class

Great Fire of London WOW day. 

In Yellow class dressed up as if we were in the 1666 for our WOW day. We dressed up as a range of people some of us were fire fighters, chimneys sweeps and farmers. 

In the morning we learnt how to make bread by following a set of instructions. We had to put all the ingredients into a bowl and mixed it together using our hands. We then had to wait for the bread to rise before it going into the oven. We then ate the bread in the afternoon with our parents and it was very tasty. 

In groups we worked together to make music based on The Great Fire of London and we created a musical piece using a range of different instruments. We then explored how much of London got burnt down by colouring different areas of London in depending on what day it was set on fire. 

In the afternoon, our parents joined in with our WOW day. They took part in our mission and we had to move fire equipment from one side of the river to the other side.