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Primary school

Owls Visit (KS1)

Year 2, Year 1 and Reception were really lucky to get a chance to meet a range of owls today!

The lovely Erika and Olivia from 'Nite Owls' brought in 6 beautiful owls to show us.  They flew above our heads in the hall and we even got to hold one for a photo!

We met two barn owls and there was an Eagle Owl called Murphy! One of the barn owls was a bit cheeky and flew all the way up to the top of the hall to perch on the projector!

Yellow class even had the opportunity to do some life drawings of the owls outside.

We all had a photo taken with Whisper, the Barn Owl! Parents - you will be receiving a photo proof of your child with Whisper in the next couple of weeks!