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Primary school

Year 2 Christmas Journey

Yesterday year 2 visited Bethlehem and they had the most wonderful time!

Year 2 visited Bethlehem at St Peters Church yesterday and had the most wonderful time learning all about the first Christmas and the Christmas journey.

The children got to experience 4 different activities throughout the church and learnt all about the Christmas journey and why we now celebrate Christmas.

Prior to going, the children were given a passport to fill out and during the course of the afternoon they were stopped by the tough warrior who asked to see their passport and stamped it.

They got to hear first hand accounts from the Shepherds and the Three Kings and then got to see Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, who much to the children's delight, was a real baby!

They finished their experience by going back through passport control where they got their stamp to leave Bethlehem and granted permission to enter England.

As you can see from the pictures, the children had a wonderful afternoon.