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Year 2 Blog

Our pupils would love to share with you what they have been learning - watch this space for updates!

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  • Clever Conjunctions

    Published 21/09/18, by Sally Clements

    Today in English, Yellow Class worked together to write a sentence that contained a conjunction. 

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  • What's been happening this week in Year 2?

    Published 20/09/18, by Ross Gray

    The children have had a busy week learning lots of new skills, here's a snippet of what's been happening this week....... and what this week’s homework is :) 

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  • Awesome Adjectives

    Published 15/09/18, by Sally Clements

    We used our senses to describe fruits and vegetables. 

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  • List Poem Performers

    Published 13/09/18, by Ross Gray

    This week in English the children have been engaging with and performing poetry.

    We've created mind maps on what we as a class thought poetry is, identified and listed features found in poetry, for example; repeated phrases. We then looked at a range of list poems and realised that a list poem is a list of items, people, places, or ideas that are related to a particular subject. For example, an apple. Then we listened to a list poem called ‘To do list’ and discussed how we could turn the poem in to a performance. After that we worked in small groups to read and performing a range of list poems to the class.

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  • Welcome Back

    Published 06/09/18, by Sally Clements

    A great start to Year 2!

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  • Welcome Back

    Published 06/09/18, by Ross Gray

    It's been great to hear about all the events, days out and holidays that the children have had over the summer.  The children have settled in well to Red Class and are picking up the new routines promptly. They have also got stuck in to discussing Longmeadow's new values by dissecting the children's understanding of the terms  and how they can be seen in Red Class. 

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  • Our Outside Area

    Published 02/09/18, by Martina Flanagan

    We can't wait for you to see your new outside area!

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  • New Blog Post

    Published 20/07/18, by Ross Gray

    Red Class detectives solve murder mystery!!

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  • Goodbye from Yellow Class

    Published 17/07/18, by Sam Britton

    Yellow class say goodbye to Year 2 and get ready for Year 3!

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  • Yellow - Paradise Wildlife Park

    Published 12/07/18, by Sam Britton

    On our school trip, Year 2 went to Paradise Wildlife Park!  They saw lots of amazing things!

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  • Sports Day

    Published 09/07/18, by Ross Gray

    The children of Red Class have been working hard all year with Mr Marshall where they have learned and honed in new skills across the P.E curriculum. 

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  • Yellow - Murphy came to visit!

    Published 03/07/18, by Sam Britton

    Today we had a very special visitor!

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