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Primary school

Y1 Pink: Paradise Wildlife Park

On Thursday 4th July we had our school trip to Paradise Wildlife Park.

Today the children wrote a recount all about their trip, they wrote some beautiful sentences such as:
"At first, we went out of the school and onto the coach.  Next, we got off of the coach and we had some yummy biscuits.  We then went to see lots of animals such as lions, tigers, zebras, snow leopards, camels, meerkats, monkeys, otters and penguins. After that, we ate our lunch all together in our groups. Next, we played in a fantastic play park. Then, we saw some amazing dinosaurs, they were dangerous, realistic and one of them sprayed water at us! Finally, we got back on the coach and headed home. Some of us were very sleepy and fell asleep on the coach!
What a fantastic day we had!"