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Primary school

12th October 2018

In English we have been reading 'Rosie's walk'. We have been learning about where she goes on her journey e.g. under the beehive, over the hay stack and around the pond. We have been learning how to use these key words outside when giving directions. We have been writing sentences remembering to use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.
In maths we have been counting in 5's 10's and 2's. In CLIC maths we have been working in groups solving number problems together. We have also been learning to count in doubles and number bonds to 10 and 20.
In our topic lessons we have been learning how to mix colours, creating new colours. We have also been exploring different materials and their properties by using a feely bag.

On Thursday we enjoyed taking part in our harvest festival assembly, Pitt care home were very excited and pleased with the donations!