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Primary school

Welcome to Green class

11th September 2020

Miss Pateman and Mrs Darnell are so happy to welcome the children into Green Class. The children have thoroughly enjoyed meeting our class mascot Percy and our three giant land snails. We have named the snails- they are called Wiggle, Dino and Sheldon!
This week the children have been exploring the different areas inside and outside and learning how to play together.
On Tuesday we decided to complete a hand washing experiment. We poured some water in a bowl and added pepper to represent the germs that can be found on our hands. When we put our soapy hands in the bowl the pepper (germs) all ran away! This helped us to understand why hand washing is so important and how it keeps us safe.
We look forward to being in school all day with Green class. Have a fantastic relaxing weekend!
Miss Pateman and Mrs Darnell.