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Primary school

crucial crew outing

Today the year 6 students enjoyed a fun morning out at the Hertfordshire Crucial Crew event.

What a fun, informative and exciting morning out the year 6 students had at Crucial Crew today.

We started the day by walking to the venue at Bows Lyon. The children loved the walk and they represented the school in a very positive light. On the journey down to the venue the excitement amongst the children was a joy to see. 

Once we got to the venue we were joined by another school and the children got to experience a variety of different scenarios.

  1. Basic first aid - How to call the emergency services and the recovery position
  2. Road safety - How to safely cross the road and what good practice looks like
  3. Fire safety - How to spot the potential hazards that could cause a fire
  4. Electricity safety - How to be safe around high voltage electricity
  5. Knife crime - How to be safe and how to avoid dangerous situations
  6. Cyber bulling - How to keep themselves safe online

We finished the morning off by walking into town and catching the number 5 bus back to the school. Once again the children represented the school in a positive light and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Thank you year 6! We hope you had a fantastic experience and learnt something new.