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Primary school

Diamond Class

Year 6 have been painting stones this week.

Mrs McQueen, who is our Art specialist, has been teaching the children which paints suit which materials and how to make the painting look as good as possible. All children have chosen their own designs and used specialist acrylic paint on the stones because it gives them a more vibrant colour. Children have been really enthusiastic about this and have enjoyed looking at each others designs, which range from minions, pacman, football, fruit and a range of quotes.

Ben stated, 'I enjoyed painting designs on the stones. It was really nice to do something new. I have already painted two and want to do more.'

Emilie said, 'It was fun to learn how to paint the stones using special pens, especially using the metallic ones because they give them a nice finishing touch.'

These stones will be sold at our annual summer fayre in July. The children are very proud of their creations.

All year 6 children have been learning dances for our end of year production, which is going to be spectacular! They are all doing really well and putting lots of effort into their routines and they are coming along quickly. We still have lots of work to do but with the effort the children are putting in at the moment, we'll get there and have a magnificent show.