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Primary school

CPR & defibrillator​​​​​​​ Training

A incredible training session!

We learnt:

  • Drs ABCD
  • Danger response shout
  • Airways
  • Breathing
  • compression
  • Defibrillator

Brandon:  I learnt how to save a persons life in an emergency where they'd stop breathing. We used to help them. If you ring 999 experts can talk you through cor. It can help their heart get back into rhythm. You can use the rhythms of a baby shark and staying alive to judge the right speed of the car.

Joe: Before you do anything you shouldn't put yourself in any dangerous situations. If they were laying flat you would shake them a little bit and call their name loudly. Then if the person's chin is on their chest lift it up to open their airwaves and then put the arm nearest to you horizontally above their head and with the other arm bring it towards you and onto their cheek closest to you. Remember if they are floppy you may need to hold their arm on their cheek while you lift their furthest leg up so their foot is flat on the floor. Now roll them over towards you. This is the recovery position.