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Primary school

Church Visit

We went to the church on Wednesday which was hosted by Bridgebuilders who had laid on and a large variation of stories and activities based on the Easter story.

We worked in five different groups and we listened and interacted with volunteers telling us  different stories about individuals connected with the Easter story. We were given a sticker in the form of a jigsaw piece each time to represent them.

We learnt about John, who was a humble leader, and his symbol was a foot because the disciples had their feet washed. Some of us even experieced that too!

Then we learnt about Judas. His symbol was a penny because he betrayed Jesus for just 30 peices of silver.

Peter was a unique and faithful friend. His symbol was a heart because he was a good friend to Jesus.

Next, we leant about The Centurion. Jesus told him that he was God's son . This symbol was a cross as Jesus died on a cross.

After that, we leant about Nicodemus and how Jesus died on the cross. His symbol was a seed to represent new life.

Lastly, we learnt about Mary Magdalene and how Jesus rose from the dead. We planted a sunflower seed and as we watch it grow we will remember all we have learnt about Jesus.

We really enjoyed our visit to the church and we learnt that Easter isn't just about chocolate eggs and fluffy bunnies!