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Primary school

Week 2 in Amber Class

This week in Amber class we have been building up to writing our own suspense story within the world of Wall-E.

We have done a lot of great work so far including describing the scene for our suspense stories and designing our own alien villains. To help us imagine what our aliens might look like, we all closed our eyes while Mr. Steel read this passage:

You are the last human on earth and have just sent the captain you 12th letter about the condition of the earth. 11 years have past since your first letter and you’ve heard nothing back from the captain. You are worried. Without warning you get an incoming message. It’s the captain! You’re thinking to yourself “finally, after all this time, I thought all hope was lost”. But something isn’t right. The message is in Morse code, the only reason it would be in Morse code is if they were in trouble! You quickly decipher the message and your eyes widen in comprehension. The message, only 12 words long, is as follows …


They came for us … they know about you ... they are coming ... hide


You hear a sound in the sky. You look up slowly to see a spaceship breaking through the earths atmosphere. You continue to watch on in horror as the ship lands, the doors open and smoke billows out of the spaceship. A few seconds pass until, through the smoke emerges the most terrifying thing you’ve ever seen. An alien made for a singular purpose ... To kill.



Scary right?? Each of us imagined different aliens which we described and then designed. It's been a fun and engaging week exploring out topic of Earth and Space!