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Primary school

Week ending 2.10.2020

Another amazing week! 

In English this week we wrapped up our unit of work based on Tuesday by David Wesiner. We wrote letters in the role of the frogs we saw mysteriously levitate and then wrote our own follow up to the story but we replaced the frogs with either a monkey in a tropical rainforest, a pig on the farm (just like the next events in the story), a dog in a town setting or a crocodile in a swamp. 


In maths we looked at using and identifying different mental strategies we could use to solve different problems. Some of the strategies we identified included: Place value -digit position; Place value - using known facts; Equal sum/difference; Regrouping; One/zero effect & Doubling/halving.


Ensure to keep an eye on Marvellous Me for class shout outs and rewards. We will have our Special person award as well as rewards for being "ready", "responsible" & "respectful" in addition to rewards for our different lessons. 


Thank you for the homework projects that have been emailed in so far, please continue to do so.