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Primary school

week ending 16.10.20

Week six ...

This week in Purple class we have had a real autumnal focus. We have spent time outside collecting pine cones, conkers, acorns, leaves and sticks and then used them to create our own autumn collage. We had to think really carefully about where we placed each object and then had to decide if it would be better to use the glue or sticky tape to hold them in place. Everyone tried really hard and was super creative! They look beautiful on our display board in class.

Phonics this week has been great fun as we have been reading real and alien words! This is a tricky task and is something we are going to continue practising a lot over the next coming months but we are having lots of fun reading the words and deciding it if it is real or not. Reception have recapped the sounds g,o,c,k and Year One have learnt four new sounds: oo (long sound in moon) oo (short sound in book) oa (goat) and ai (rain). Please practise these at home with us as it really does help.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Townsend.