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Primary school

Celtic Harmony

Last week, Year 3 visited Celtic Harmony Camp.

We learned lots of things about the Stone Age at Celtic Harmony.

When we got there, we needed to put our hands up in the air and chant sounds, then shout our name as we passed through the gates so that we could travel back in time to the Stone Age!

We learned all about how they made and sharpened different tools used for hunting and farming, how they built their dens (we even made our own using some great teamwork), what kind of food they hunted and foraged for and how they started fires.

The children enjoyed meeting Sausage, the animal fur they had on show that the Stone Age people would have worn.

We finished the day with a fireside story told by one of the camp workers. We had a lov

ely day and learned a lot about life in the Stone Age!