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Primary school

Y3 European WOW Day!

We have had a fun-filled Day learning all about Russia!


The children have been fascinated by Russia's size and that it is in two continents at once!

During the morning, we tasted some new Russian food and drink. We had homemade Russian juice called Kompot (made by Miss Humbles!) and some blinis (tiny pancakes). We tried different combinations of toppings on our blinis, including cheese, cucumber, salmon, jam, chocolate and banana! Most children liked these new flavours but some were not so impressed!

We have made Russian flags and learnt a Russian dance which we showed to our parents in the afternoon. It was only short as we needed to practise our footwork a lot! With our parents, we made Russian dolls using boxes. They were quite fiddly but turned out to be amazing - well done everyone!!

You can find all the pictures of our WOW Day in the album section of the pupil zone. We hope you enjoy looking at them!