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Primary school

Year 3’s Amazing, Astonishing Assembly

This week Year 3 have been very busy preparing for their assembly. 

This week in Year 3, we have been working really hard to impress our parents with our assembly. We have worked extremely hard since we have been back from our half term to make sure that we know our lines and are using our loudest and clearest voices. We have put a lot of effort in to ensure that we have included as many different subjects as we can. All of us got to choose our favourite piece of work from the year to share with our audience. We had to think long and hard to remember what we did at the very beginning of the year because it was such a long time ago. We have included some fantastic adventure stories, sign language, poems, our Royal wedding letters, persuasive letters, stone age facts, volcano facts and more.

We were really proud of our performance and hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed learning all those new facts!

Alongside our assembly practice, we have also started looking at a new book in our English lessons and are looking forward to continuing with this next week. ‘The Green Ship’ is all about two children who go on an adventure in a ship made from bushes and trees. The children explore the world without leaving their next door neighbours garden. We made up our very own actions to help us remember the different parts of the story.

In maths we have begun looking at time and using the digital and analogue clocks and some of us are becoming experts on time!