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Primary school

Wow day

Building Shelters for the Amazon Rainforest!


Miss Martin's friend sent us a video to tell us that his campsite had been washed out by a big storm. He needed Year 4's help to construct a new shelter that was waterproof, windproof and stable. We started the day by planning our shelter as a group, we had to include labels to make it clear what the materials were that we would be using. We then spent the day using hand saws to cut wood, glue guns to stick the wood together, attaching different materials onto our structure. We even had one group who made a toilet, sink and food caddy!

At the end of the day we then tested our shelters, the hairdryer blew on them to create wind, water was poured on them to check they were waterproof and finally a big dictionary was dropped on them to see if they were stable. The children worked really well in their teams and all the adults were impressed with their shelters. Miss Martin is now posting the shelters off to Doug in the rainforest and I have no doubt he will be really grateful for all our help!