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Primary school

Year 3 Writing

Year 3 have been writing own stories based on the Snow Dragon. 

This week in Sapphire class we have been learning about fairy tales and we have been looking at the book The Snow Dragon. To re-tell the story we created our own Characters. We described our characters using noun phrases and similes. 

Here are some of our characters:

Shawn- bright green emerald dragons 

Isabelle- The kind helpful girl who lived in a cave. 

Oliver- The dark blue dragon who lived on the ocean floor

Amber- Helpful glittery blue dragons. 

Lacie- The little girl is as beautiful as a flower. 

We then wrote a story about the characters based on the story The Snow Dragon and tried to included our noun phrase, similes and range of sentences. To make our work even better we got to edit and improve it.