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Primary school

The Snow dragon

The Snow Dragon by Sapphire class 

This week in Sapphire class we have been looking at the book The Snow Dragon and retelling the story using actions and freeze frames. We have been exploring who the characters are and their emotions throughout the story. 

Here is why we like the story:

Raynie- The Snow Dragon is about a world that is split into two halves. In the south, there are the Fire dragons and in the North is the Snow Dragon. There is a book called Book and he can tell the future. 

Oliver- I  like the part when Tuft encourages the Snow dragon to help the Twolegs. 

Myah- I like the Snow Dragon because the Snow Dragons helped the Twolegs. One of the Twolegs name is called Tuft and he defeats the Fire dragons.

Jenson- I like the Snow Dragon as he defeats the Fire dragon and the Twolegs can live peacefully.