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Primary school

Play scripts by Sapphire class

Kevin the carrot came to Sapphire class. 

This week in Sapphire class we have been learning about Play scripts. We have based are play scripts around Kevin the carrot, who comes to Sapphire class. To help us write our own play scripts we looked at different play scripts to find out features. 

John: We use colons so that the person know who is reading what.  

Zach: We can use stage directions to help the actor know where to go on stage. 

Annie: We have a title so we know what the play is about. 

We got to make our own Kevin the carrots and design what they look like before acting out what he  could get up to in the class. 

Ellie: My Kevin the carrot slept in her pencil pack and met the kind ruler. 

Lillie- Rose: My Carrot met a friendly pencil and they explored the classroom together. 

Oliver: My kevin the carrot went under the classroom tables but he thought it was a cave.