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Primary school

WW1 week in Sapphire class

This week in Sapphire class we have completed a range of activities based on WW1 as it was a 100 years ago. 

We have been writing diaries about living in the trenches. Before we wrote our diaries we turned the classroom into two trenches and no mans land. We were spilt into two groups and pretended to be in the trenches. We even wrote our diaries in them likes soldiers would. 

Here are some of our facts we learnt about 

Annie - It was not good to live in trenches as they were small and you have to live in mud 

Raynie - I didn't like being in a trench as you will have to sleep with rats and in mud. 

Gioia - If we were in a trench we would have to eat horrible food. 

We have also looked at a range of planes that would have been used in WW1 and we got to make our own models. We found out that planes had symbols to show where the planes came from. British planes had a red dot and around that a white then blue ring. 

We have also been researching  people in WW1 and as a class we researched about the Red Baron. We found out that his real name was Manfred von Richthofen and he was born in Germany. He was famous for being the best pilot in his red plane and killed about 80 people. 

We have also pretended to be soldiers and how they would march to get from location to location. 

Here are some comments of what we  learnt and thought about the week 

Lacie - I have enjoyed going into Trenches and how cruel it was. 

Oliver - I liked that we learnt about the Red Baron because we got to find out loads of facts about him. 

Jacob -  I enjoyed making planes and dressing up as a WW1 person. 

Amber - I enjoyed making poppies. 

Namai - I discovered how dirty it is to live in the trenches and wouldn't want to live in them.