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Primary school


Week 3

Homework Activity                 21st September 2018

Look at this picture above. Can your child write a short description of the scene by themselves first. Think about describing the creature, the setting and the man’s feelings. Your child only needs to spend a maximum of 15 minutes writing an opening paragraph.

Next and most importantly, with an adult can you edit and improve your piece of work. Use a different colour pen first to identify any errors and anything you added. Finally, write out your best version underneath on your lined paper.


Mrs Robinson’s group: Can you edit and improve and check you have used:

Coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS); Capital letters and full stops; Spelling check; expanded noun phrases.

Mr Hetherington’s group: Fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases, adjectival phrases and comma checks.


Below is a really useful website to explain some of the terminology mentioned above - it can be a little overwhelming at times -  even as teachers we keep having to remind ourselves!!