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Primary school

Mighty Lighty Investigation

We explored how the movement of the sun effected our shadows.

What did we do?
Each hour of the day, we went outside to measure our shadows. We stood on the playground and our partner drew around our shadow using chalk and together we measured the shadow.


How did we keep it fair?

We had to stand on the same spot each time.

The same person had to stand on the spot. (If our partner was much taller than us  and we kept swapping our results would have been wrong)


What did we find out?

We found out that when the sun moved across the sky our shadows got smaller. From half past 9 untill half past 12 our shadow got smaller and smaller and then from half past 12 until half past 2 our shadow started to get bigger. This is because at 12 o’clock the sun is at the highest point in the sky. Not only did our shadow’s change in size, but they also moved around in a circle. They moved around because the Earth was slowly spinning around and this makes it look the sun is moving across the sky (but we know it isn’t really) As the Earth spins, our light source (the sun) is coming from a different angle.