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PHSE - Working on our value: Pride

After doing some PSHE work about what we were proud of the other day, Mr Steele told us he was really proud of the car he had. He told us he took the engine out, stripped it and rebuilt it with better parts and he now races it. It took him two and a half years to build. 

Today he brought it in to show us. We asked him questions about how much it cost (he didn’t give a straight answer about that), what was hard, how fast it goes and how he looks after it. He even revved it up for us to hear and it was extremely loud and not like the sound of an ordinary car!

Mrs Turner said she was really proud of how sensible we were and how well thought out our questions were. Mr Steele has really inspired us and we hope to have things to be proud of and that we’ve worked that hard for in the future too!