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Primary school

Stone Age for the day

A trip back in time 

On Tuesday morning, Year Three travelled back in time all the way to pre-historic Britain. It took us just half an hour to get all the way back to the Stone Age. Before we could enter Celtic Harmony Camp we were split into two tribes. The Mammoths and the Wild Boars. We then had to climb up a steep hill to reach the camp site. As soon as we arrived at the wooden door guarding Celtic Harmony, we heard a thundering shout. “Who goes there!” boomed the voice. We told them our names and that we came in peace and were not looking to start a war. Once they knew we were friends, they welcomed us into their camp and built us a fire inside one of their round houses.

During the day, we got to build our own dens to help us survive. We also went hunting and gathering for some food to eat. We hunted mammoths, wild boars and deer. We also gathered some plants, mushrooms and berries to eat. Unfortunately, some of us collected poisonous mushrooms and died from not being careful enough with our food, including Miss Dyble!

One of our favourite activities was trading. First we were given different items such as clay pots, gems, animal fur, wood and fabrics. Then we went to the market and traded our items for different items.  Once we had mastered the trading we went into the gift shop and bought some Stone Age items.

After lunch, we created our own arrow heads using soap. This was called soap knapping. In the Stone Age they would have used flint and called this ‘flint knapping’ but we decided that might have been a little bit dangerous for us.  


Logan ‘My favourite part of the day was hunting because we worked together to catch the mammoth.’

Jazba ‘I loved the soap knapping because they told us all about the different weapons and how to make them.’

Freddie ‘My favourite part was building the dens because we worked together to camouflage our huts so they wouldn't be spotted.’

Claire ‘ I don’t have a favourite part of the day because I loved all the activities.’

Andrew ‘ My least favourite part of the day was lunch time because a squirrel ate my sandwiches and apple. Luckily, my teachers had some spare!’


Our teachers would also like to say a huge thank you to the parent helpers who came and supported us on the trip. Without their help, we would not have been able to go on such a fantastic trip!