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Primary school

Shadow Puppets

Year 3 have been creating their own shadow puppet shows. 

We are learning about light and shadow in science and we decided to make shadow puppets.
Using a cardboard box, we created our own stages. We have also made a background and some scenery for our stages. To create our shadow puppets show,  we also had to make some of our own shadow puppets.

In order to know what we are saying, we had to write our own play scripts. We all chose one of our own favourite stories and based our play on that. Some of us changed the characters or the setting to make the story a little different. When we performed our shadow shows, we used lovely loud voices and changed our voices to fit the different characters. We had to make sure that we used lots of expression so that our audience didn't fall asleep.  

We loved watching all of the puppet shows and some of them were particularly hilarious.