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Year 2 Blog

Our pupils would love to share with you what they have been learning - watch this space for updates!

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  • London's burning

    Published 16/01/19, by Ross Gray

    Today we have been creating paintings of what we thought the Great Fire of London would have looked like during the fire that hit London in 1666.

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  • Reading and Phonics Workshop January 2019: PowerPoint

    Published 15/01/19, by Martina Flanagan

    Phonics and Reading Workshop Information.

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  • Great Fire of London

    Published 11/01/19, by Ross Gray

    This week we have started our new topic, Great Fire of London.

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  • 15 commands to tell Poppet.

    Published 10/01/19, by Ross Gray

    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here.

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  • We wish you a merry christmas

    Published 21/12/18, by Sally Clements
    We have had a fun last day together, making cards and calendars and singing lots of songs.  Thank you for working so hard, always trying your best and for making me smile. What a wonderful class you are!  Wishing you lots of
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  • School's out for christmas......

    Published 20/12/18, by Ross Gray

    We hope everyone has a lovely break and we will see you back here on 8th January.

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  • Recycle reuse reduce

    Published 20/12/18, by Ross Gray

    This week on our Materials WOW DAY we learned about recycling.

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  • Our Wow Day

    Published 18/12/18, by Sally Clements

    We have had a Mighty Wow Day!

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  • Turning frowns upside down

    Published 13/12/18, by Ross Gray

    Even the grumpiest Camel in the world can't help but smile at Christmas....

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  • Lights Camera Action

    Published 13/12/18, by Sally Clements

    We have had a busy week of learning songs, rehearsing lines and perfecting dances!

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  • Year 2 Communication Flyer

    Published 06/12/18, by Sally Clements

    Keep up to date with what is happening in Year Two. 

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  • A visitor from the north pole

    Published 06/12/18, by Sally Clements

    On Monday, Yellow Class opened the mysterious package that Miss Clements discovered last week. Inside, covered in Christmas Sparkle, was a little elf from the North Pole. 

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