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Year 2 Blog

Our pupils would love to share with you what they have been learning - watch this space for updates!

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  • New Blog Post

    Published 20/07/18, by Ross Gray

    Red Class detectives solve murder mystery!!

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  • Goodbye from Yellow Class

    Published 17/07/18, by Sam Britton

    Yellow class say goodbye to Year 2 and get ready for Year 3!

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  • Yellow - Paradise Wildlife Park

    Published 12/07/18, by Sam Britton

    On our school trip, Year 2 went to Paradise Wildlife Park!  They saw lots of amazing things!

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  • Sports Day

    Published 09/07/18, by Ross Gray

    The children of Red Class have been working hard all year with Mr Marshall where they have learned and honed in new skills across the P.E curriculum. 

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  • Yellow - Murphy came to visit!

    Published 03/07/18, by Sam Britton

    Today we had a very special visitor!

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  • Red Class Gaming Station

    Published 28/06/18, by Ross Gray

    This term the children in Red Class have been designing, testing and improving their very own computer games, on Purple Mash, in our computing lessons. The children have enjoyed being able to create and play their own games, what is more, the sessions have led to thought provoking discussions with the children - What was good about the game, what could be improved - how could I improve it........... how can I make it harder for Mr Gray to complete it.

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  • Yellow - Butterflies set free!

    Published 26/06/18, by Sam Britton

    In the last two days our butterflies emerged from their chrysalides and today we set them free!

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  • Owls Visit (KS1)

    Published 25/06/18, by Sam Britton

    Year 2, Year 1 and Reception were really lucky to get a chance to meet a range of owls today!

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  • Witch Visit

    Published 22/06/18, by Ross Gray

    This week when Mr Gray was on his way to school he saw wisps of silver grey smoke curling and dancing above the towering tree tops of the secret garden. Year 2 went to investigate and discovered that a Witch had camped out on the school grounds overnight.

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  • Caterpillar Chaos!

    Published 19/06/18, by Sam Britton

    Yellow class have been very lucky to receive their second batch of caterpillars this year!

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  • Real Life Bugs and insects

    Published 14/06/18, by Ross Gray

    It's always great to hear about the interests of the children and how they continue their learning outside of Longmeadow. Today Logan brought in his National Geographic Real Life Bugs and Insects collection to show the class during show and tell. Logan delivered an exceptional presentation of his collection explaining the names of the bugs and arachnids as well as where they can be found around the five continents. An incredible collection Logan, thank you for sharing it with us.

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  • Yellow Class - The Plastic Police!

    Published 11/06/18, by Sam Britton

    Today, Yellow class have been learning about how we can have an impact on our planet by disposing of litter correctly.  We learnt about different types of materials and what can and cannot be recycled.

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