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Nursery Blog

Our pupils would love to share with you what they have been learning - watch this space for updates!

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  • Developing our fine motor skills

    Published 18/10/18, by Holly Kimble

    Snip, snip, snip!

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  • Happy Hula-Hooping

    Published 12/10/18, by Holly Kimble

    Working out our tummy muscles.

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  • Outdoor Learning

    Published 04/10/18, by Holly Kimble

    Nursery Mark Making

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  • Our First P.E session.

    Published 02/10/18, by Holly Kimble

    Learning to start and stop.

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  • What a Great First Week!

    Published 21/09/18, by Holly Kimble

    Exploring our new environment.

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  • Pirate Party

    Published 20/07/18, by Holly Kimble

    Ahoy Shipmates!

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  • Sports day

    Published 13/07/18, by Holly Kimble

    What fast runners we have!

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  • Meeting New Key Workers

    Published 06/07/18, by Holly Kimble

    Reception Transition

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  • What a Hot Week!

    Published 29/06/18, by Holly Kimble

    Keeping Cool in the Sand

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  • Parent Picinc

    Published 22/06/18, by Holly Kimble

    A Big Thank You!

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  • Library Visit

    Published 15/06/18, by Holly Kimble

    Nursery's visit to the library

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  • P.E

    Published 08/06/18, by Holly Kimble

    Team games

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