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Primary school

Karen Hutchinson, who came from Herts County Council to deliver the Peer Mediator training said that our children were inspirational and commented on how well they listened and contributed during the session.

The children have gained some excellent skills that they can use in the playground to settle minor disputes and these skills will undoubtedly assist them throughout their life.

We wanted to congratulate the children on their excellent behaviour during the session and share with you some of their comments about the training they have received:

Bethany               “It was really fun training and you should support this as it teaches children                                                   responsibility.”

Kellen                   “Really exciting and I enjoyed it and happy that I have a job doing it.”

Ethan                    “Fun and easier than I thought with the training.”

Star                        “Really good and the training was so helpful and I feel confident to do it.”

Shalleena            “I enjoyed the training – absolutely all of it!”

Ruby                      “It was a fun experience and I enjoyed the training.”

Jessica                  “The training was exciting and I have now had an interview and have my first real                                        job.”