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Primary school

Pupil Premium & Free School Meals

Did you know you can now get an Extra £100 from our school if you are on Free School Meals or have ever been on Free School Meals.

* * * * Pupil Premium Grant—letters to Parents are on their way * * * *

If your child has ever been entitled to Free School Meals, we receive what is known as Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) from the Government.  We use the funding to provide additional teaching and resources to ensure children make good progress.  Our School Governors have agreed to allocate £100 of the funding to parents of those children entitled to PPG, so parents can choose to spend it on what will help their child.  The £100 can be used to help with:

Buying school uniform (Mrs Higham will order via school for you)

Paying for school trips or swimming

Paying for attending extra-curricular clubs

School dinners

Bitesize Breakfast and After School Club

This gives you even more reason to see if your child is entitled to Free School Meals, and to sign up.  If you need help or have any questions, please contact Mrs Higham in the office who will be happy to assist.

Sign up here Apply for Free School Meals