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It's November? Already?

If you're anything like me, you're wondering where on earth all the weeks between 1st September and 1st November went! The school's inclusion team has been incredibly busy behind the scenes and our staff have:

  • Updated Learning Support Plans
  • Met with the SENCO to discuss the children in their class
  • Had parents' evening to meet with parents/carers
  • Attended paediatrician appointments with parents/carers to get the best outcome for our children
  • Made referrals to support services, including the new Larwood outreach
  • Discussed the year ahead with this year's link Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language therapist and School Nurse

This is only a few things that we have been up to! No wonder the time is flying.

Some of you may not know who is on our Inclusion Team. This information can be found in the school's SEND report: look under School Information > Statutory Information to find this policy. For a quick read, we are:

  • Katy Alexander - SENCO
  • Giles Hetherington - Behaviour Lead / Assistant Head
  • Emma Turner - Inclusion Co-ordinator
  • Brogan Jennison - Family Support Worker

Mrs Turner joined us in April 2018, while Miss Jennison started in September 2018. They have already met and supported many of our parents.

Our roles are:

SENCO - Leads the Inclusion Team, having strategic overview of SEND and the school. Responsible for tracking data and raising standards for pupils with SEND. Key liaison for external agencies including EP, Speech and Language, CDC etc. Responsible for Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs), Exceptional Needs Funding (ENF) and monitoring teachers' SEND paperwork.

Behaviour Lead - School trainer for Herts Steps, the behaviour approach which underpins our behaviour policy. Supports and coaches staff in teaching children about their behaviour, including reasons for behaviour and strategies to encourage positive choices. Supports SENCO with data and raising standards and supports for pupils with behaviour needs named on EHCPs and in ENF.

Inclusion Co-ordinator - School lead for pupils with social-emotional difficulties. Responsible for managing reintegration of pupils into full-time in the classroom through coaching teaching staff and providing opportunities for pupils to unpick their own needs. Offers reactive support for pupils who may experience short-term difficulties, such as due to bereavement.

Family Support Worker - Offers support to families to help improve children's attendance, behaviour and attainment. Able to direct parents towards suitable support including CAB, parenting groups and services within Hertfordshire. Trained in strategies such as Protective Behaviours to allow work with individual pupils for positive outcomes. Supports with issues such as form-filling to remove barriers and ensure the best outcomes for all families.


More blogs on the way soon!