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Primary school


Dear parents, carers and children,

What a year this one has been. There are enough people talking about why that is, so I won’t here; I’ll just say that I’m glad this amazing school community has pulled together and really shown each other what we’re made of.

By that, I don’t just mean we’re made of stern stuff – because we are. But I’ve also seen families and colleagues showing that they are made of softness, too, in their caring attitudes towards other people. And in being honest that actually, sometimes, this whole strange situation means that everyone has their moments of being really not OK.

For us as teaching and support staff, the messages and feedback from parents and children have been absolutely fantastic to keep spirits high. Amazing stories have been written, we have seen adventures in the woodlands, and we’ve even seen families starting entire colonies of ants or cultivating their own butterflies, from egg, to caterpillar, to butterfly. Not forgetting there have been some pretty incredible high scores on Times Tables Rock Stars – you know who you are!

Longmeadow’s Inclusion Team continues to work hard. Throughout lockdown, we have:

  • Supported our community’s most vulnerable pupils (those with an EHCP and/or working with support from Children’s Services) through distanced doorstep visits and telephone check-ins
  • Made referrals to counselling services
  • Successfully applied for EHCPs and supported assessments
  • Liaised between secondary schools, specialist provision schools and our pupils who are moving there in September 2020
  • Liaised with teachers to best support pupils with additional needs
  • Created learning materials for pupils with EHCPs to support them at home
  • Updated and analysed lots of very exciting, behind-the-scenes data, including progress data and outcomes of any interventions

For those of you not familiar with our Inclusion Team, we are:

  • Katy Alexander – SENCO and Head of Inclusion
  • Lee Geer – Behaviour Lead and Assistant Head
  • Brogan Jennison – Family Support Worker


Our roles are:

SENCO and Head of Inclusion – Leads the Inclusion Team, having strategic overview of SEND and the school. Responsible for tracking data and raising standards for pupils with SEND. Key liaison for external agencies including EP, Speech and Language, CDC etc. Responsible for Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs), individual pupil funding, and monitoring teachers’ SEND paperwork.

Behaviour Lead – Lead on Herts Steps and Pivotal Education, the behaviour philosophies which underpin our behaviour policy. Supports and coaches staff in teaching children about their behaviour, including reasons for behaviour and strategies to encourage positive choices. Manages reintegration of pupils into full-time in the classroom. Supports SENCO with data and raising standards.

Family Support Worker – Offers support to families to help improve children's attendance, behaviour and attainment. Able to direct parents towards suitable support including CAB, parenting groups and services within Hertfordshire. Trained in strategies such as Protective Behaviours to allow work with individual pupils for positive outcomes. Supports with issues such as form-filling to remove barriers and ensure the best outcomes for all families.

Our contact details are on the website if you ever wanted to get in touch about anything. We have an open-door policy (more of an open-phone and open-email policy, at the moment) so please do get in touch if you needed to ask or talk through something.

It has been so lovely welcoming some of our children back into the building. We really have missed them! I hope to see more of you soon, and wish those of you who will be moving on from Longmeadow the very best for your future.



Best wishes,

Katy Alexander