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Welcome to the Senco (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) Blog!

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  • Does your child struggle to sleep?

    Published 19/10/20, by Samantha Field
    Does your child have additional needs and also struggle to sleep? Sign up to this free 4-week sleep course, aimed to help parents and their children with sleep difficulties.
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  • Hello!

    Published 23/06/20, by Samantha Field
    Dear parents, carers and children, What a year this one has been. There are enough people talking about why that is, so I won’t here; I’ll just say that I’m glad this amazing school community has pulled together and really shown
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  • Contactline

    Published 14/05/20, by Samantha Field
      Do you need some ideas for your child's development, learning or emotional wellbeing? Would you like to speak to an Educational Psychologist to find out about the support they can offer? Call the EP Contactline for ideas and support.
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  • SEND Advice Line

    Published 26/03/20, by Samantha Field
    Please see below the flyer from the SEND advice line.
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  • EHCP Annual Review

    Published 05/03/20, by Samantha Field
    SENDIASS is running free workshops to help parents/carers better understand the EHCP Annual Review process. There is a workshop in Stevenage on Thursday 19th March - read on for more details.
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  • New Family Lives

    Published 10/02/20, by Samantha Field
    Does your child have Autism or ADHD? Would you like ideas for how to help them become confident, capable young people? Take a look at this FREE course running at Peartree Spring School. If you would like support from school to attend, such as someone
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  • Anxiety Course

    Published 06/02/20, by Samantha Field
      Would you like ideas to support your child's low mood or anxious behaviours? Check out this parent's course taking place at Peartree School. Remember, if you'd like someone to come with you, feel free to speak to our Inclusion T
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  • Free EHCP Application Workshop

    Published 26/11/19, by Samantha Field
      Would you like more information about applying for an EHCP for your child? Come along to this free parent workshop run by SPACE to find out more. See the flyer for how to book
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  • Under 5 SEN

    Published 12/11/19, by Samantha Field
    Do you have a child aged 5 or younger with additional needs? Would you like some fun activities to do with them, and ideas in how to support them? Come along to these free activity sessions at the Bandley Hill Play Centre, run by a specialist SEND Te
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  • SPACE - ASD & Tourettes

    Published 11/11/19, by Samantha Field
    Have you ever wondered about the similarities and differences between Autism and Tourettes? How are the two conditions connected? Sophia Savidis-Macris has both Autism and Tourettes. Sign up for free to attend her talk and find out more.
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  • DSPL Courses

    Published 08/11/19, by Samantha Field

    Have a look at the attachments for more information.

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  • ADD Workshops

    Published 23/10/19, by Samantha Field

    Please see the below attachments for more information

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