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Primary school

Keep Yourself Cool!

Hi Everyone

I have been having such a wonderful time at Longmeadow. Everyone has been so nice to me. You are all so kind and welcoming and make sure that you don't scare me, I've been having a great time at school. The staff all help to look after me too so I'm making lots of new friends.

This week has been so hot! I even had to have a day off yesterday as I was finding it so difficult in the heat. Mrs Howley has been putting me in the meeting room (it's got Air Conditioning in there) so I can sleep and cool off. At home I've been finding lots of inventive ways to keep cool. Outside I have a paddling pool to play in when I get home. I have had a nice cool bath and discovered a love of eating ice. It's important for you to keep cool in this weather too. Drink lots of water, put on sun cream and bring a sun hat to school. It's lovely to enjoy some sunshine though.