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Primary school

Under the Sea with Blue Class

This week we have dived into our new topic: Under the Sea!

This week we have explored our new topic, Under the Sea. We have looked at different sea creatures in the water tray, estimated how many shells are under our water parachute and read the story 'The Three Little Fish and The Big Bad Shark.' 

Miss Hockey's pirate friend Captain Blackbeard also came to visit and left behind books about pirates and even his pirate ship! We have made some treasure maps to help him find his ship and sail back to sea. We have especially enjoyed wearing the eyepatches and writing with our special pirate pencils!

In the afternoon we have been talking what sea creatures we know and how they move. We loved watching a sea lion show on the board to see what clever tricks they can do! We learnt that sea lions can clap their fins just like we clap our hands!

Captain Blackbeard will be back at the weekend to leave a surprise in our water tray...