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Primary school

Y3 Sapphire: A Trip To Toby Carvery

We went to Toby carvery for the day and we completed loads of activities.

When we first got there we sat at our tables and we got to create a team name for the table. Then we had to put our hand in a box and feel around for a piece of fruit or vegetable and then we had to describe what the object was to the rest of the table, who had to guess what it was. 

After that, we had to guess if different fruits or vegetables were grown above or below the ground. We found out that apples, strawberries, limes and red cabbages grow above the ground and carrots, potatoes and mushrooms grow under the ground.  

We then had to write the alphabet and write a fruit or vegetable that started with that letter. 

The best part of the day was going up to get our lunch and we could pick what we wanted to have.  It was very yummy. 

After that, we had a colouring competition and the winners were Evie, Paige and Amber.