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Primary school

Sapphire class have been exploring a new book

English with Sapphire class

This week in English, Sapphire class have been looking at a new book called, 'The Dragon machine.' 

Before we read the story, we had to write our own adventure story based on the title and front cover.

We have been retelling the story through acting to think about the characters feelings and emotions change during the story.Then we created  freeze frames in groups for the rest of the class to guess which part of the story we were showing. 

Finally we have been using similes to describe the characters in the book. Here are some of our amazing similes: 

Lacie- The dragons claws are as sharp as a knife. 

Zach- The red, giant dragon is as fast as a cheetah

Ruby- The small dragon is as shiny as a metal ring. 

Annie- The ginormous dragon's tongue is as orange as lava.